Giotto Bakery and Acetaia Guerzoni together to make a special Christmas gift


A Christmas with the heart and the thought to those who suffer . L ‘Acetaia Guerzoni expresses solidarity with people who may not be able to live a peaceful Christmas. And it does so by renewing, for the second consecutive year, the collaboration with the Pasticceria Giotto, which has its headquarters inside the prison Due Palazzi in Padua.

This year, Giotto Bakery and Guerzoni created together the praline made with a ganache of balsamic vinegar Guerzoni, wrapped in a delicious dark chocolate.

It is a project of high value, after much study and experience.

“Our pastry chefs have gone from one emotion: the selection of raw materials. Montello honey and rosemary, peanuts and fleur de sel Piran, sweet orange blossom of the hills Hills, raspberry, balsamic vinegar from Modena, fine lavender Oltrepò Mantua and passion fruit: simple ingredients but of very high quality, as recognize purity, along with a whole craftsmanship and a chocolate that speaks Italian. The result are nine delicious pralines, kept inside a precious box.

Not only of sweetness it is, however, but also of the heart. Inside the gift box a praline, the balsamic vinegar, a special friendship with Lorenzo Guerzoni smells, and its vinegar. Affected by the earthquake in 2012, has not lost memory aid received and wanted to treasure it, looking for us together to support the earthquake victims in central Italy. Thus was born the project Heart of praline, that for every purchased box gives a contribution of one euro for the reconstruction of Amatrice” said Giotto Bakery.

“Last year, says Lorenzo Guerzoni, owner of the” Acetaia Guerzoni we worked with the Giotto Bakery to make panettone with our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. This year, the idea of ​​a solidarity project was strongly supported by our company and met with the professionalism and the spirit of collaboration with Giotto Bakery “.

The Padua Prison Bakery, is a laboratory that is both job and school life, work within the House of Imprisonment Two Palaces since 2005. Since then, many meetings, visits and events have made us feel the affection of the institutions, the public and the industry critic, and the everyday life of a real job gives us the ability to change, every day, together.

For info about where and how to buy Giotto pralines made with Balsamic Vinegar Guerzoni click the following link:

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