Aceto Balsamico di Modena Guerzoni – Silver series – is produced from a skilled blend of grape must cooked according to the traditional method over an open fire, left to ferment in oak kegs, and mixed little by little with wine vinegar. It is during its long stay in oak casks that the acetic fermentation makes it so fragrant and dark. For this reason, it is not necessary to add any kind of preservatives or food colouring. It is the product of small batches of very high quality, produced entirely from a selection of organically grown, biodynamic grapes from the Guerzoni vineyards exclusively located in Modena province. The entire production chain is handled by the plant, carried out and controlled by the Guerzoni farm company. It is suitable for use every day or more sporadically; it has an intense fragrance and full flavour that is pungent with a moderately marked sweetness.
It is delicious on salads and cooked and raw vegetables, but above all on cooked main dishes, even with meat.


Certifications: Igp – Organic – Demeter

Size Carton contents Item number Ean bottle Ean carton
250 ML BOTTLES CARTONS FROM 6 BAA2D 8032738591613 8032738596618
5 LT TANK SINGLE DAA5D 8032738591668


Reg. (CE) 1169/11 and subsequent amendments *

Value Unit Nutritional EU (100 ml) *
Tolerance: ± 20%
Energy value Kcal 302
KJ 1286
Fat g 0,5
Saturated fats g 0
Total carbohydrates g 70
of which sugars g 70
Protein g 0,5
Salt g 0,6
FIbers g <0,1
Lactose g free
Gluten g free
Vitamin A g <0,005
Vitamin C g <0,005
Iron g 0,0
Calcium g 0,2

  • Naturally Gluten Free

  • Organic Biodynamic

  • Vegan Fruitarian

  • 100% Italian Grapes