Balsamic vinegar from Modena IGP – Red series – Organic Biodynamic

This is the fruit of our small, high quality production, derived entirely from a selection of the organic and biodynamic grapes from the Guerzoni vineyard exclusive to the Modena province. All of our production is internal and monitored by the Guerzoni farm. This product is obtained from a carefully selected blend of cooked grape must, which is then concentrated again implementing a traditional method using a direct flame and wine vinegar.
Our product does not contain any preservatives nor color additives. The resting time in oak barrels makes this product ideal for daily use, as it has an intense aroma and strong taste with a hint of sweetness. A delicious condiment that pairs well with salad, cooked and raw vegetables.


Certifications: Igp – Organic – Demeter

Size Carton contents Item number Ean bottle Ean carton
250 ML BOTTLES CARTONS FROM 6 BAR2D 8032738591316 8032738596311
500 ML BOTTLES CARTONS FROM 6 BAR5D 8032738591323 8032738596328
5 LT TANK SINGLE DAR5D 8032738591361


Reg. (CE) 1169/11 and subsequent amendments *

Value Unit Nutritional EU (100 ml) *
Tolerance: ± 20%
Energy value Kcal 152
KJ 648
Fat g 0,5
Saturated fats g 0
Total carbohydrates g 33
of which sugars g 33
Protein g 0,5
Salt g 0,4
FIbers g <0,1
Lactose g free
Gluten g free
Vitamin A g <0,005
Vitamin C g <0,005
Iron g 0,0
Calcium g 0,3

  • Naturally Gluten Free

  • Organic Biodynamic

  • Vegan Fruitarian

  • 100% Italian Grapes