Apple Condiment – Organic

An innovative product that brings the same sensations of our Balsamic Vinegar from Modena PGI. Only apples are concentrated and mixed apple vinegar. This product maintains all of the nutritional properties of apples. In contrast to our apple vinegar, the apple condiment has a more delicate and fresh taste.

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Certifications: Organic

Size Carton contents Item number Ean bottle Ean carton
250 ML BOTTLES CARTONS FROM 6 BCM2B 8032738590418 8032738595413
5 LT TANK SINGLE DCM5B 8032738590463


Reg. (CE) 1169/11 and subsequent amendments *

Value Unit Nutritional EU (100 ml) *
Tolerance: ± 20%
Energy value Kcal 220
KJ 922
Fat g 0,5
Saturated fats g 0
Total carbohydrates g 55
of which sugars g 55
Protein g 0,5
Salt g 0,0
FIbers g 0,0
Lactose g free
Gluten g free
Vitamin A g 0,0
Vitamin C g 0,0
Iron g 0,0
Calcium g 0,0

  • Naturally Gluten Free

  • Organic Biodynamic

  • Vegan Fruitarian