Non-filtered Apple vinegar – Organic

The aroma and delight of apples meets the Guerzoni Acetaia. This vinegar was created as an innovative and non-filtered product. It is produced naturally without pasteurization, leaving all of the properties of the apples intact. Thanks to a careful selection of raw materials before gentle and natural processing, the vinegar maintains all of its fragrance and preserves all of the sensory properties of the fruit. An acidity level of 5% makes it balanced and enjoyable. The freshness and aroma are characteristic of Guerzoni’s apple vinegar that can be used every day. It is versatile in the kitchen, but moreover a product that can improve your health.

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Certifications: Organic

Size Carton contents Item number Ean bottle Ean carton
250 ML BOTTLES CARTONS FROM 6 BAMT5B 8032738592320 8032738597325
5 LT TANK SINGLE DAMT5B 8032738592368


Reg. (CE) 1169/11 and subsequent amendments *

Value Unit Nutritional EU (100 ml) *
Tolerance: ± 20%
Energy value Kcal 21
KJ 89,25
Fat g 0,5
Saturated fats g 0
Total carbohydrates g 1,2
of which sugars g 0
Protein g 0,5
Salt g 0,0
FIbers g <0,1
Lactose g free
Gluten g free
Vitamin A g <0,005
Vitamin C g <0,005
Iron g 0,0
Calcium g 0,0

  • Naturally Gluten Free

  • Organic Biodynamic

  • Vegan Fruitarian