Tradition and innovation to make an organic apple cider vinegar


Only organic apples from Trentino Alto Adige region are used to produce this new Acetaia Guerzoni product: Apple Vinegar Organic.

This organic apple cider vinegar is obtained by following the traditional process. First, the apples are collected and then pressed to obtain two juices: an apple cider juice and a concentrate one, similar to the vinegar which keeps alive the properties of apples.

The juice is then left to rest in the containers and not in wooden barrels in order to maintain the freshness, the aroma and the all the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit. Freshness, sweetness are the main characteristics of Guerzoni organic apple cider vinegar that can be used in the salad but also in the meat.

It is not only versatile but it has also many heathy benefits.

It improves the production of saliva and digestive enzymes. This leads to a decrease in bloating, and digestive problems. It contributes to the maintenance of a healthy weight-form: it stimulates the metabolism, and at the same time mitigates the sweet craving.

It activates the immune system, and kills bacteria, and other micro-organisms. It stimulates circulation, and helps to drain the fat cells and cellulite. It improves skin: it can be used to relieve acne, insect bites.

It is also a powerful antioxidant. By containing malic acid, it relieves joint pain and prevents the formation of stones.

You can get all these benefits by simply using the vinegar in the diet. It can also be taken every morning, mixing together 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 honey in a glass of water.

Nutritionists and experts agree that a good apple cider vinegar should be organic.

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