Tuscan Bistro IL BORRO Florence: 4 hands degustation for Acetaia Guerzoni


Excellent orchestration for the chef Andrea Campari, Director of the Resort “Il Borro” Relais Chateaux located in the Arezzo hills, for the tasting organized on November 22 at the Tucan Bistro in Lungarno Acciaiuoli, central area of Florence already decorated for the Christmas holidays.
Last of a successful series of events entitled “The Strange Couples”, the acetaia Guerzoni was the protagonist together with the Mannori Butcher in Prato, with a great menu designed by the Chef to use all the products of the Guerzoni collection.
Marriage well done with the excellent meat of “Calvana” cow bred in the company Mannori, from raw carpaccio to cooked meats, to get to dessert, using Saba, Balsamic, white dressing and grape must. Tasting at the end of the Traditional Extravecchio meal to close in sweetness.
The success of the evening was confirmed by the sold out of the Bistro, organized well by the staff and under the direction of Chef Campari who for years has appreciated the Guerzoni products.

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